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3D Printing

We make elements in 3D printing technology with dimensions up to 400 x 300 x 400 mm. We guarantee print accuracy up to 0.08 mm


We provide training in the field of computer running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

Optimization and security

Optimization is a process that aims to accelerate the functioningof the website, content, code and graphics of the website or the entire site.

The optimization service also includes the protection of the site against type attacks , BRUTE-FORCE, INJECTION, PHISHING

As well as configuring page Backups.

Web design and online stores

We will design and implement a fully functional website or shop. Look adapted to all devices, desktops, tablets, mobile phones.

SEO and positioning

We will prepare the optimum content, correct the current, configure the metadata to make the site get the highest score on Google.
We link building and Google AdWords campaigns.